Coronavirus: Long COVID could leave you at risk of autoimmune disease, suggests study

The results showed that about 80 percent of these patients analysed had two or more of these antibodies in their blood. However, after a year, the prevalence of these antibodies fell to 41 percent, with most healthy volunteers showing no signs of antibodies in their blood.

The leader of the study, Doctor Manali Mukherjee, from McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, noted: “For the majority of the patients in our study, even if they had autoantibodies soon after their infection, this resolved after 12 months. However, in some patients auto antibodies persist, and these patients are more likely to continue suffering with symptoms and to need medical help.”

“These results point towards the need to test for signs of autoimmune disease in patients with symptoms of long COVID that last for a year or more,” Doctor Mukherjee added.

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