Difficulty to stand on one leg for 10 seconds in middle and later life linked to premature death: Study

The study found that the proportion of people who could not complete the 10 second standing task was the highest among older individuals.

4.7% of people among 51-55 years of age could not complete the task. This rate was more than 50% among 71-75 years old people.

“The proportion of NO responders was 4.7% among those 51–55 years, 8.1% at 56–60 years, 17.8% at 61–65 years and 36.8% at 66–70 years. In the age group of 71–75 years, the majority of the participants (53.6%) were unable to successfully complete the 10-s OLS,” the researchers have said and have added that the inability to complete the test, that is, 10-s OLS with either the right or left foot, increasing with aging, practically doubling at each subsequent 5-year age-group intervals beginning at age group of 51–55 years.

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