Jal Neti can help curb COVID-19 risk; Here’s how to do it at home

The alarming risk of Covid-19 is here to stay. While we’ve acclimatised to the new ways of living in the pandemic world, the Covid-19 infection bar keeps going up and down. This has made us follow all necessary precautions and take up new methods of disease prevention. One such acclaimed method is following a Jal Neti routine. For the uninitiated, Jal Neti is a Yogic Kriya popularised by Ayurveda to clear the nose of mucus and contaminants.

The removal of toxins from the nasal passage and sinuses allows a smoother and hindrance-free air flow which keeps the body healthy and fine. It is helpful in scooping out breathing problems, colds, cough, sinusitis and respiratory allergies.

However, during the pandemic many Ayurveda experts have claimed that the respiratory cleanse offered by Jal Neti can cut the risks of catching a Covid-19 infection. Not only this, Jal Neti is said to help a Covid-19 patient recover sooner.

Other than Covid-19, yoga experts claim that the continuous practice of Jal Neti can also cure prolonged issues like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis and pulmonary tuberculosis. There are widespread affirmations and beliefs that it is also helpful in healing ENT( Ear, Nose and Throat) issues such as myopia, allergic rhinitis and tonsillitis.

Jal Neti can also be practised for face muscle relaxation. People with anger management and stress problems can also take recourse to Jal Neti. In yoga, any sort of kriya has physical, mental, and spiritual implications. Jal Neti is no different as it improves digestion and blood circulation and also bolsters the overall metabolism of the body. Jal Neti boosts immunity, activates cells, and hypes the physical activity of the body. It is a simple exercise which does not need any manual labour or great physical primeness. Even kids and elderly men can do Jal Neti very easily.

Vikas Chawla, Ayurveda Expert, rolls out the correct way to perform Jal Neti at home:

1. Fill a jar, pot or glass with salted water and stand straight with legs apart.

2. Insert the nozzle in one nostril.

3. Lean forward and tilt the neti pot in such a way that the saltwater runs into the nostril and slips through your face.

4. Try to let the saltwater reach the other nostril by adjusting the body position.

5. Remove the nozzle and let the water run out of the nose. Whisk your nose properly to eliminate mucus from the nasal passage

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