SilverLine not a priority development project, says KSSP

The proposed SilverLine semi high-speed rail is not a priority development project, said a resolution passed at the 59th annual meeting of the Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad (KSSP) on Sunday.

The annual meeting was held at Kadayirupp, near Kochi. The resolution said a study by the Parishad had revealed serious social and environmental impact on the State if the project was implemented.

The project will affect the lay of the land, waterbodies, wetlands and paddy fields, the resolution pointed out.

About 202 km through which the line passed is prone to floods and the laying of the line will make the situation worse.

The SilverLine project will affect rivulets at 204 places and crosses rivers at 57 spots. The project will affect the natural flow of water at many places.

Within the 30-metre limit of the line, a total of 7,409 houses and 33 flats will be affected. In total, 8,469 buildings will have to be demolished and these include hospitals and schools as well as other categories of buildings.

The SilverLine will also affect biodiversity, the KSSP resolution said.A total of 47 species of fish as well as migratory birds will be affected by the project.

The detailed project report on SilverLine is also not clear on the impact or changes the project will bring about on the landscape, the resolution said.

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